Löfbergs ICE Latte Macchiato (12 cans/case)

Löfbergs ICE Latte Macchiato (12 cans/case)

The Ice coffee ICE Latte Macchiato is a milk based beverage with coffee made from natural and organic ingredients. Furthermore, the coffee and sugar contained in the drink is FairTrade certified. The unique packaging solution, CartoCan®, can be sorted as recyclable paper based packaging. Löfbergs ICE Latte Macchiato has a mild flavour of espresso and is a great drink to enjoy whenever you want a refreshing and invigorating drink. If you prefer a stronger coffee flavour, try our ICE Espresso, the second drink in the ICE product line. 

Löfbergs ice coffee can be stored in room temperature and is best served cold. Shake the can before serving. The caffeine content of a can of Löfbergs ICE is roughly equivalent to half a cup of coffee.

Sold in multiples of 12 cans (12x 230 ml).

Expiry date:
8 months from manufacturing

Best stored in room temperature or refrigeraged. Serve chilled over ice.

Cartocan®, an environmentally friendly and patented packaging, recycled as paper based packaging.

$ 39.00